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You’ve told “US”
that you’re “ON OUR SIDE”
why do “we” view you ‘there’
employment’s been on “uptick”
that means you’ve got
some “agents” to spare
The problems grow
“person-hood’s” the ghost
that pockets all our “RIGHTS”
The ‘buoys’ team sitting
atop top bench
KEEP “linen’s” views
Your legacy reads skewed
and alludes to
not quite right
the “off-the-hooks” PRESENT(ED)
ARE the (coming) “BUMPS” at night
The collateral for DAMAGES
is PAID by those that VOTE
how soon will those
that see elect
feel tenure up in smoke


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Judge to Attorney: I’ll beat your…!: Tensions erupted in a Brevard County courtroom when a judge challenged an assistant public defender to a fist fight.
Public Defender Blaise Trettis said Judge John Murphy grabbed Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock and punched him in the head. / Patricia Beck/Detroit Free Press

BREVARD, FLA. — Tensions erupted in a courtroom Monday when a judge challenged an assistant public defender to “go out back and I’ll just beat your ass.”

Public Defender Blaise Trettis said Judge John Murphy grabbed Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock and punched him in the head.

Video of the incident was released to Florida Today.

In the video, Murphy and Weinstock exchange words about a case after Weinstock refuses to waive one clients’ right to a speedy trial.

“You want to set it for docket sounding, set it for docket sounding. I’m not waiving in any case. This is an emergency created by the state,” the attorney says.

Murphy responds: “You know if I had a rock I would throw it at you right now. Stop pissing me off. Just sit down. I’ll take care of it. I don’t need your help. Sit down.”

“You know what? I’m the public defender I have a right to be here and I have a right to stand and represent my clients.”

“I said sit down. If you want to fight lets go out back and I’ll just beat your ass.”

The men disappear off camera, and loud banging can be heard. Public Defender Blaise Trettis said the men went into a hallway behind the courtroom typically used by judges and jurors.

“The lawyer said as soon as he got in the hallway the judge grabbed him by the collar and began punching him in the head,” Trettis said. Trettis said Weinstock tried to stop the blows, and courtroom bailiffs came into the hallway and pulled the two apart.

On the video, while they are off camera, one of the men says: “I’m not kidding. You wanna [expletive] with me?”

The judge returns to the courtroom, but the attorney does not, according to the video. Murphy is out of breath when he retakes his seat.

“I will catch my breath eventually,” he says. Those gathered in the courtroom applaud.

Trettis said he met with Weinstock, but he had not seen the courtroom video when he spoke with Florida Today Monday evening. He said to his knowledge, criminal charges won’t be pursued.

“I hope it’s not a reflection on Judge Murphy’s really outstanding legal career,” Trettis said, adding, “If it’s true, you know, I think it’s really an uncharacteristic, isolated incident.”

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… “less is more”

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Whatever “the” cause I hope that Andre Johnson finds BETTER for himself. “HOW” someone decides that an “edge”  needs examined, to the moment of ‘launching’ the self, is a location I hope to avoid.

Seriousness would only detract from the available lightnesses that terror demands. So, I have made a very JUVENILE statement to bring a glimmer of “easement” to those that have an interest in the “moment”.

“That’s a WRAP!”
not to be heard
the striving force
of “ghetto’s” words

no family
Johnson sans A. Johnson
what lead to sharp divorce
two storys told a difference
I’ll never know of course

no super glue attachment
such cut no paste to bind
the damning of no darning
a stop before gone blind

failed “humor” in this posting
but lessons learned galore
when “staring” with the spoken word
taken too far… “less is more”


united “we” stand, devided “we”FALL.

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… with YOU

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“On EASTER, no less…” That’s probably what the readers’ sentiments reached. BUT, THAT IS EXACTLY a “WHAT” of a belief system that  created the “event”.


Angels AND Demons

ALL “look alike”

their difference IS that

‘DEMONS’ : Ask, “what is PLAUSIBLE”?

‘Angels’ : Ask “what IS LAUDABLE”?

~~~~~~~~ The political aspirations of too many ‘leaders’ sets too many CITIZENS onto the track of becoming DENIZENS of where they reside.


so this a chance
to how “it’s” done
take ALL those
with “need” of break
then those that NOT
be aided “with”
their future
a platinum stake
the islands
of BEAR’S creation
can take what
carrion’s left
then stay within
their choosing
poor reward
for falsehood’s hefts
circumstance and
pride’s tools
quite tried
and “true”
forced “friendships”
aren’t so wholly
while else
won’t “play” with YOU

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… through neighbor’s eye

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why base a fabric on the hues
of blood
of sky
of who think you
’tis strange
that those whose
pride so flies
would thrust
their standard
through neighbor’s eye

…” Ukrainian news media reported that pro-Russian militias had commandeered the vehicles from the Ukrainian Army and driven them to the central square in Slovyansk, about 120 miles from the Russian border. A crowd gathered to gape at the squat, tracked vehicles and at the red, white and blue flag of Russia flapping in the breeze.”

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… slough-gym-fizz

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She has her Mother's AYES.

She has her Mother’s AYES.


I’m all too-gather glad that SEAN BRESLIN chose NOT to write about the above post. He, actually GOES to the events he writes about. But, I couldn’t let the “MISS-TIMING” of ANOTHER child of “the FAMOUS” go untarnished by my open thoughts.

YES(!), Paulina Gretzky IS “of legal age” and, CAN choose to be ‘reprehenced’ ANY WAY that fulfills whatever “budget” that she needs to see black.

On the OTHER HAND, the impeccable ‘timing’ of “GULP” DIGRESS is gross “odd-vertising” at a very POOR moment. Is there a “backroom” offer to “UP” the viewership of this year’s Kraft Nabisco Championship? Wouldn’t the ‘try’ have been more in-tune if the Company presented an ANGEL FOOD CRUMPET to justify their wanting to get folks salivating over their tourney?

Maybe it’s just my way of…



an anagram of work
called FLOG
becomes just that
when by “PHOTOG”
the grace of SWING
not of the club
but(t) through the
frilly culottes bub
with focus on
the spheric PECS
makes ball addressing
pay editor for
read with a taste
for a slough-gym-fizz

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… still a HORSE defined

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Business IS “IN TROUBLE” in these “fifty, nifty“… (From a song sung for an assembly in the sixth grade.). The Corporations HAVE named every College sports facility, (as well as some of the “humanities”.), from EVERY division up, or ‘down’. The curriculum edicts skew entire life-styles to the”coca-nike’d gates ” of addleness that, (DID!), infuriate the folks that fought WORLD WARS  to be rewarded with the chance of SERIOUS EDUCATION for the future of FAMILY, HOME and NATION. We hear of College students that are so trite that they would, (DID!), cost their Parent their ENTIRE TUITION. (http://socialnewsdaily.com/25210/daughter-brags-about-settlement-on-facebook-costs-family-80-grand/). AND, that is a child of “AN EDUCATOR”!?!

As the population ages what WILL the BASTIONS do for a REAL FORCE to pour enough light on them so that the lines on their bottoms turn a nice shade of EBONY?


if you really “VALUED TALENT”
you’d look to where it hides
more often in the “left” ones
good rooms small greatnesses reside

the coinage of the freshest term
solid as bottom lines
the fault lines of the fast defers
the “why” your “business” views from behind

but there’s of us that bear the trust
of being “there” too many times before
so after you’ve sheared those sheepskins
you won’t be so enamored with those whores

innate’s what gets you forward
eschew’s what gets you past
the nuance gets you business
real “wisdom” makes it last

a race ain’t all from horsepower
it’s mostly great design
that nag of many colors
is still a HORSE defined

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“The Best and Brightest”…

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CHEATED! (AND, WERE ALLOWED…and encouraged.)

1.) http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/02/01/amid-cheating-investigation-pentagon-chief-calls-nuclear-officers-in-their/

2.) a.]https://www.google.com/#q=ohio+school+districts+cheating

b.] https://www.google.com/#q=columbus%2C+ohio+school+cheating

3.) https://www.google.comU.S school districts caught cheating

4.) https://www.google.comU.S school districts caught cheating


My older Daughter was classified as a “LEARNING DISABILITY” student. My former Wife had concerns about this and waged an intense effort to get the proper agencies involved to assist the “needed” turnaround. As the [I.E.P.] was set into place, despite the concerted waffling by birth-mother, the program became part of dear “Coatney’s”, ( She’s named after her Great-Grand-Father’s middle name.), daily routine for TEN YEARS. You ask, “Only TEN YEARS?” Why, did she drop out of school? NO. She DID NOT !

The school system gone to is a very small, rural ‘village’. To not “give away” their ” Seen o’duh crime”, (SCENE OF THE CRIME.), the best “satellite” spotting I will give is through “cine-orienteering”… giving you the birthplace of [Judge John Chaney]‘s grandson. The town considers the worth of the afore mentioned to be historically significant that they allowed someone to purchase the small home… WITH MARKERS… then tear it down to make a SHACK of a structure in its place. DID I mention that there was a total of “THREE” African-American students in ALL TWELVE GRADES? ( Daughter DOESN’T “count”, because she’s “like Obama”.) These last four years were to be the “upgrade” from the suburban seethe against those that “weren’t” supposed to “measure” up… or, PAST those that were “NORMAL”. ( A GREAT idea, since this IS the ALMA MATER of MATER.)

Long story shortened. Two years into the four Daughter decides to DROP the EXTRA HELP. Other students hate the FACT that the “SLOW KID” DOES BETTER than they. In the last months of the last year there seems to “be” an attitude/ discipline “problem” with “COATNEY”, some of the female athletes don’t like that she CAN excel in MORE than they.

Little do these folk know that “Coatney” left a school, after a high school girl couldn’t “beat” her, HAD HER “little” Brother take their Mother’s STUN-GUN to school, then attack “Coatney” with it… HE, was “dispatched” after putting a NINE INCH GASH down the thigh of a nice pair of Jeans. ( I doubt if HE will “listen” to his Sister again.) By the way, “Coatney” threw the SHOT-PUT, (EIGHT POUNDS to 38 feet. One year of Track and Field.) The other fact of play is that “Coatney” had been severely BURNED by a pot of boiling water when she was almost TWO years old. ( Thank YOU SHRINER’S Cincinnati, Ohio.)

The pressure WAS on and, the administrators DIDN’T “like” the tacit way FATHER handled THEIR insinuations and, remedies. ( So, they had a scenario that MOTHER had to “HANDLE” WITHOUT “PA’S” presence. “MA” didn’t understand the PLANNED consequences of their SUSPENDING her Daughter… As a ‘potential’ NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBER there can be “NO DISCIPLINARY actions AGAINST” the candidate… “MA” NEVER READ, ASKED or, KNEW ANY of the repercussions to be LEVELED by a “SIMPLE” ONE DAY SUSPENSION for her offspring as the school administrators “avoided” having a NON-TUTORED, LEARNING DISABILTY STUDENT [ACHIEVE] what  THEIR BEST AND BRIGHTEST were ‘capable’ of.

Daughter works part time, instead of working through the faded SCHOLARSHIP that might have been. She still lives with “MA”.

If the people of world war TWO ARE ” THE GREATEST GENERATION”, what ARE “WE” to have as a remembrance?

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Right Through Their Fingers

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The intended “FEAST” of Grape Leaves stuffed with [“LAMB”] did NOT have enough time to find enough “entertainment” from within. For the Spartans brought their own [BOUZOUKI] and unloaded the tune of [“UNDERDOG”] on “THE” Urban Meyer lead Ohio State Buckeye Juggernaut.

During the game the statement made of the Buckeyes being a Little “spent” emotionally after the typical season finale with the “TEAM-UP-NORTH” was mentioned as a undercurrent to the off timing that the Buckeyes had ‘suffered’ during the first quarter, then HALF. The “funny” thing about listening to the  sportscasters’ identifications of the players’ hometowns read as a GPS MAP of OHIO. [URBAN MEYER] is from TOLEDO, (Ohio)… [CONNOR COOK] is from [HINCKLEY, OHIO], and seems to have given them a “feast” of their own with his leading the Spartans to the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP.
The Michigan State Spartans HAVE been here [BEFORE], and relish the MOMENT for the PICKLE that they put on the confettied paper plate for all the TAIL-GATED T.V. bound back in Columbus.

It’s a wonder at what the man, the made the [UTES] the phantasmal football team it was while in the tutelage of the “ACE” of ASHTABULA, OHIO hasn’t instilled into the new digs of “HOME”.

We’ll have to wait and see what the BCS has in store for the (very) SORE Buckeyes.

~~~~And, “just a li’l sump’in” to keep the mind and fingers limber…

no “California, here I come”
no claiming ODD is well
a good run posted all-in-all
no chance for single sell
a Spartan stand took conference brand
the ‘nuts’ wait next years bloom
the story, PHEW(!), is Jameis who escaped
the filly had “two” grooms
the weighted bit of all of “it” is whether this sense
for after all the stocks soon fall
when participants await “Due diligence”

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… when OLD AGE one is seen

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  1. Professional sports, as opposed to amateur sports, are sports in which athletes receive payment for their performance. Professional athleticism has come to the fore through a combination of developments. …


To find that a simple activity that combines a “toy” to a movement that becomes “ballet” is an astonishing discovery to most humans. To be PAID for the GIFT is amazing. To pass the innumerable TESTS through the early aging / maturation(s) stages IS a “MIRACLE”. Those that HAVE the physical groupings that allow them to EXCEL at ANY TYPE of “SPORT” has my admiration. But, as I’ve grown older I’ve grown to notice those that I’d admired to NOT become “THAT MUCH” older than their contemporaries of the same ‘graduating’ class. ESPECIALLY in the BUSINESS of PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.

The topmost lines lead you to a realization that “should” be part of what we “Know” of Sport and History. The examples of how many place their NATIONAL IDENTITY upon the PERSON of AN EVENT is interesting. In that there are too many examples of complete “social” failures due to the loss of “THEIR HERO(ES)”. Take the example of [JESSE OWENS] and Adolf Hitler.

I loved playing ALL the games that have become professional sports, even though I WASN’T “good” at NINE-TENTHS of them. Those that HAVE BEEN  / ARE aren’t getting the “QUALITY-OF-LIFE” that usually accompanies “SUCCESS”. After hearing of the MANY former “STARS” of Football NOT enjoying their retirement years the news of the latest participants putting “PAYMENT” of DUTY aside for a LENGTH of DUTY… to their FAMILY AND THEMSELVES. The newest example of reassessment is of [JOHN MOFFIT], in THREE SEASONS with the SEATTLE and DENVER franchises of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. You may have read the stories of [DAVE DUERSON], or “JUNIOR” SEAU. But, the story that told me of the dangers was that of OAKLAND RAIDER: [JIM OTTO], who after being a featured article of one of a Television news ( Sports) shows, told / showed how Mr. Otto HAD to CLIMB into a HARNESS just to put his pants ON.

“WE do what WE DO”. “THEY” DO such with ABANDONS.


NO need for brave TELEMACHUS the players KNOW this SCORE
just because “ADONIS” twin the upkeep, dangerous chore
Yes, visual ballets of impacts is wonderous to the “less”
though most will watch into old age, while players’ lives have crest

The business side of “SUICIDES” makes lucres over FISTS
the reasons for the “training grounds”, “have NOTHINGS” are great GRIST
the Corporate names emblazoned frames of stages for the ‘kill’
and, side bets of who’s better just adds that much more thrill

The SONS approved new dwellings their GLADIATOR’S clout
the family was oh so proud they knew YOU were NO DOUBT
the “farm teams” called a COLLEGE receive a stipend true
for though the chaff in buildings aren’t “smarter” when they’re through

Now, Cattle turning FOXES their vision more than cleared
a LIFE of thought’s abilities is BETTER than just praised
by FAMILY that sees ‘their’ roadway out have tested for cheers
the turn will take some doing “employment” is quite lean
but, length of WELL is best to tell when OLD AGE one is seen

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